start making money with dog tag vending machines

dog tag vending machine lets you dog tag yourself

dog tag vending machine lets you dog tag your friends

dog tag vending machine lets you dog tag your luggage

dog tag vending machine lets you dog tag your dog

Start making $$$ withLogoX=tagColor30ptDog Tag Vending Machineman making money with dog tag vending machines

Save $3,575.00 from the start. Yes,LogoX=tagColor15ptDog Tag Vending Machine is that much cheaper than the competition. Plus we use REAL Genuine G.I. Dog Tags. Not cheap Chinese made tags. And believe me your customers will notice the difference.

You can earn $12, 180 per year with 120 vends
per week at $5.00 per vend.

LogoX=tagColor15ptDog Tag Vending Machine $19,995.00
Introductory price of $14,995.*

Projected Income ofLogoX=tagColor15ptDog Tag Vending Machine

Total Vends per week




Total Sales Monthly




Cost of Goods




Operating Costs **




Lease Payment




Monthly Profit




Annual Profit




woman making money with dog tag vending machines*This is the base unit with bill acceptor only. Limited time offer!
** based upon rent and operating costs.
Any other options/additions will be extra. See below.

  • Bill acceptor
  • Coin acceptor
  • Token acceptor
  • Open loop credit / debit card acceptor
  • Closed loop debit card system
  • Touch screen screen saver and background customization
  • Vending flow process on screen
  • Customization of wrap
  • Light box on top
  • Electrical wiring and switch (design change)
  • Weather proofing of cabinet (design change)

The benefits of leasing. Here’s what we offer...

  • dog tag vending machines leasingApplication approval within 24 hours
  • Funding within 24 hours
  • Simple, one-page lease documents
  • Personal one-to-one service from a dedicated account manager
  • Competitive lease rates

Why Lease? Because leasing...

  • Requires less money up front
  • Permits soft cost financing
  • Preserves bank credit lines
  • Offers flexible payment options
  • Allows upgrades and add-ons quickly and easily
  • Protects against technological obsolescence
  • Minimizes balance sheet liabilities

Let’s get started today! Call 1-815-568-4115.

Equipment Lease $11,100 with $1 Buyout

Lease Term

12 months

24 months

36 months

48 months

60 months

Monthly Payment






Security Deposit *






End of Lease Options: Purchase the equipment for $1.00

* Number of monthly payments for security deposit.

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