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Here’s howLogoX=tagColor30ptDog Tag Vending Machine works:

  • Completely self-contained and automatic.
  • Easy-to-use touch-screen keyboard and menu guides customers through the complete process.
  • Hand-fed payment system makes the transaction easy.
  • Finished dog tags ready in less than 30 seconds!

LogoX=tagColor15ptdog tag vending machine is easy and intuitive to use. Dog tag vending machine touch screen keyboard and attractive guided menu screens are very familiar to anyone from 7 to 79. Making your own personalized genuine dog tag is very easy:

  • Enter the desired text to be embossed
  • Confirm your text / message
  • Make the payment and …in less than 30 seconds your own genuine dog tag is ready! They dog tag vending machine accessory pack is  delivered in an attractive  box.

dog tag vending machine keyboardCustomize your dog tag with a simple touch screen interface.

The screen interactively guides the customer through the exciting process of creating his or her unique and personalized authentic American dog ID tag. An amazing experience from beginning to end, and one they will be sure to talk to their friends about! Customer can type 14 characters for 5 lines.

MDT500 HE GutsThe guts of thex=tag vending machine logo 1Dog Tag Vending Machine

MDT500 HE dog tag machine is a rugged, reliable combat proven dog tag embossing machine. This built tough machine deployed by the US Military worldwide including Iraq and Afghanistan. Your customer will get the same military dog tags used by the US Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force.

dog tag vending machine accessory packx=tag vending machine logo 2 Dog Tag Vending Machine Accessory Pack

The dog tag vending machine accessory pack contains a dog tag silencer (rubber cover that goes around the dog tag)  and two ball chains (1 each 4.5” and 24”). The accessory pack box can be personalized with custom graphics and messages if desired.Dimensions1

 x=tag vending machine logo 3Dog Tag Vending Machine Specs.

Dimensions: Height: 71” x Width: 32” x Depth: 34”
Power supply: 120V, 60Hz
Weight: 483 lbs
Dog Tag Vending Machine magazine capacity: 250 tags.
Accessory kit magazine capacity (chains + silencer): 180 packs.
Consumption: 250 W
We offer the option to add a custom wrap to the outside of your dog tag vending machine for extra sizzle and brand awareness.

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