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dog tag ur friends

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vending

Make big bucks with dog tag vending machinesCan I do this part time?
Yes. You may figure your time in the field to be approximately 15 to 20 minutes per dog tag vending machine including your travel time (3 to 5 minutes servicing the machine and 10 minutes between locations). These figures will vary depending on your individual speed.

Can I operate from my house?
Yes. There is no need for an expensive office or warehouse. Many small operators use their basements or garages to store equipment and products.

Are there tax advantages?
Many tax advantages are available. To determine the best plan of action for your particular situation, we suggest that you discuss this matter in more detail with your accountant, CPA or tax preparer.

think about you will do with the money from dog tag vending machinesHow good is the cash flow?
Excellent. This is an all cash business. There are not receivables. You don't need any more than your original investment. However, the more dog tag vending machines you place on locations, the quicker your cash income increases.

Once I am in business, how long before I start making money?
The nice thing about this business is that from the day your machines are on location, they are working for you. Your dog tag vending machines will begin making money immediately. There is no need to work and wait for months or years while you build a clientele. Your dog tag vending machines are like 'silent' salespersons working for you.  They are on the job constantly, day and night, summer and winter, Sundays and holidays. Dog Tag Vending machines cater to everyone.

Do I have to sell & advertise?
No. You will not be selling like sales people on a show room floor or on a telephone or door to door. Your dog tag vending machine is your sales person.

Is the market saturated?
Dog Tag Vending Machines are new. Just like Redbox was a few years ago. this is a ground floor opportunity. Millions of military dog tags are sold each year. They are popular and in high demand among celebrities and young people looking to make a statement. Military dog tags have become today’s trendy, must-have fashion accessory. A search for “dog tags” on Google nets 4,900,000 results. You be the judge.

Where do I buy my products?
We supply you with the dog tags and prepackaged dog tag accessory pack. Our dog tag supplies are MILSPEC not cheap imported junk. People don’t want flimsy, low-quality imitations - they want the authentic look and feel of the real deal! Our dog tag supplies are affordable and offer a high profit margin.

Whyx=tag dog tag vending machine logo 4Dog Tag Vending Machine?
There is no substitute for quality. x=tag dog tag vending machine logo 5is manufactured by the #1 Supplier of dog tag machines to the U.S. Military.

Can my family service the dog tag vending machine?
You can service the dog tag vending machine yourself of if you have teenage children, they can help. This not only allows you to expand and have access to quick and reliable help, but it also allows the teenager to learn a business while earning pocket money. 

How many machines can I service or put out?
It depends on how much money you want to make, and how much time you are willing to invest. We will gladly discuss your individual business plan and help you determine what would be necessary for growth and achievement of your goals. 

How much money can I make?
It all depends on the quality of your locations. The more traffic at the location, the more dollars you make. 

What would I do if I need parts or service?
Parts are easily accessible. We will help you with all your questions regarding this matter.  Your Supply Depot Limited stocks parts for all of our dog tag vending machines. Unlimited Lifetime Telephone support is available Monday-Friday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Central standard Time.

Do I need a truck or van?
No.  Most people service their route from their existing vehicle. Once you have grown to the point that it becomes totally uncomfortable to continue operating in this manner, then you take the next natural step.

Where are vending machines placed?
Because of their attractive designs,x=tag dog tag vending machine logo 6dog tag vending machines can be placed in almost any business or office location. Here are some ideal spots: Amusement and theme Parks, Gaming Arcades, Family Entertainment Centers, Movie Theaters. Malls, Large Retail Stores, Airports, and any tourist Attraction., We will provide a list of possible locations at no charge.

How long does it take to get started?
If you have not already created your own personal business plan, we strongly suggest that you put your plan in writing.

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